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Jared Fernandez

Manager, Proxy Voting & Senior ESG Analyst

Jared is responsible for evaluating current and potential portfolio investments and engaging companies to advance sustainable business practices. In his role as Senior ESG Analyst, he examines and evaluates corporate sustainability policies, practices, and performance across a broad array of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) areas. He also supports engagement efforts with companies across a range of sustainability issues. As manager of proxy voting, he ensures the firm votes proxies consistent with Boston Trust Walden policies. Jared is a member of the Active Ownership and ESG Research and Engagement Committees. He also represents Boston Trust Walden as a delegate to the ISSB Investor Advisory Group.

Jared began his career in sustainable investing in 2018 and joined Boston Trust Walden in 2019. Previously, he worked at Green Century Capital management as a Shareholder Advocate where he conducted research on corporate exposure to risk related to material ESG issues, and engaged large and mid cap companies on risks and opportunities within operations.

Jared earned a BA in Government and Politics from the University of Maryland and an MA in Food Systems from New York University. He holds the Fundamentals of Sustainable Accounting (FSA) Credential.