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Endowments & Foundations

Throughout our history endowments and foundations have turned to Boston Trust Walden to achieve their financial goals while managing an investment portfolio consistent with their mission.

We have experience responding to a broad range of investment objectives and service requirements for private and public endowments and foundations, and offer expertise in creating investment policy statements with impact-oriented investment guidelines.

Our work with endowments and foundations often enables us to interact with different stakeholders.  For example:

We help community foundations by leading educational luncheons for donors, emphasizing how our principled investment approach and active ownership efforts are consistent with the foundation grants distributed to the local community.

We collaborate with university trustees, investment committee members, and students to create responsible investment guidelines.

We file shareholder proposals in the name of our foundation clients if requested in order to raise their visibility and reinforce their commitment to mission-related issues.

We actively contribute to several networks in the foundation and endowment community, including: