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Private Wealth

We couple the wealth management capabilities of a deep and experienced team with an institutional caliber investment approach to deliver tailored solutions that enable you to achieve your financial objectives.

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Our Approach to Wealth Management

We start by listening. With an understanding of your financial circumstances and priorities, we develop a comprehensive investment solution and provide counsel on a range of financial planning topics that impact your life. As a client, you work closely with the team responsible for your account, including the portfolio manager making investment decisions.

We are forthright in sharing how a portfolio is invested and why, and fully transparent when reporting on investment performance. We also believe you should have a clear understanding of the fees you are paying for our services, and we are committed to meeting that expectation.

Communication is key to building strong and long-lasting relationships. We meet regularly with clients to ensure an open exchange of information and to share progress made towards achieving their goals. We are available when you need us. We can also work with your attorneys, accountants, and other professionals to help simplify the management of your financial life.

We incorporate consideration of your risk tolerance, tax circumstances, cash flow needs, investment time horizon, and philanthropic and estate planning goals into investment decisions. As necessary, and when information is provided, portfolio managers can consider the entirety of your family’s assets, including those held elsewhere, to ensure that investment decisions are appropriate from an overall wealth management perspective.


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From our founding more than forty years ago to today, we have had a singular focus of being a trusted adviser to our clients.

Investment Management

Our goal is to help our private wealth clients meet their financial objectives by producing attractive after-tax, after-fee, risk-adjusted returns over the long term.

We construct broadly diversified portfolios invested in the securities of high quality companies that we judge to have not only superior financial histories, but also successful business models that can be sustained into the future. Over full market cycles, this approach has produced a performance pattern of protection in declining and more volatile markets and participation in rising markets. This performance pattern is attractive to those that have accumulated financial wealth, as it combines protection of principal with long-term growth.

Portfolios are typically composed of a mix of asset classes, the foundation of which is a blend of individual equity and fixed income securities. We are deliberate in how we structure portfolios – with each component designed to improve risk/reward and with allocations reflecting economic and market conditions as well as your own personal circumstances.

Aligning Your Portfolio with Your Values

An investment portfolio can be more than a dollar sign representing the totality of accumulated financial wealth; it can also reflect your values. Values expression can take many forms, and we have more than four decades of experience tailoring portfolios that are consistent with our clients’ personal beliefs. For example, a client may wish to exclude from her portfolio companies focused on the extraction of fossil fuels. In addition, Boston Trust Walden directly engages portfolio companies to effect change.

Approximately half of Boston Trust Walden clients have impact investing objectives.

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We are committed to collaborating with our clients to ensure their portfolios are reflective of both their personal values and their financial circumstances.

Financial Guidance

We recognize that achieving your financial objectives often extends beyond investment management. Individual and family needs as well as investment priorities change over time; we consider it a privilege to partner with our clients as they navigate the myriad personal and financial decisions that occur over a lifetime. Our team of investment and client service professionals are available to provide general guidance and collaborate with other subject matter experts on a range of financial issues that impact your life.

Common topics we consult with clients on include:

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Retirement and cash flow planning

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Philanthropy strategies

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Education funding

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Legacy and generational wealth considerations

Fiduciary Services

As a state-chartered bank and trust company, Boston Trust Walden can serve as your corporate trustee. By choosing Boston Trust Walden as your corporate trustee you help ensure that current and future generations benefit from the objectivity, continuity, prudence, and professionalism that an experienced trustee can provide.

Types of Private Wealth Accounts

We service a wide range of asset levels. We generally require new clients to have a minimum of $2,000,000 in investable assets but we reserve the right to make exceptions. Please contact us at [email protected] to discuss unique circumstances.

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Investment management accounts for individuals, trustees, or executors

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Retirement accounts

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Charitable vehicles

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