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Institutional Investment

We are an investment firm focused on managing equity and multi-asset portfolios.

Boston Trust Walden’s investment philosophy is centered on the advantages of investing in the equities of higher quality companies. Our portfolio management teams adhere to systematic, disciplined, and repeatable processes designed to capitalize on firm strengths in equity financial analysis, tactical asset allocation, and integrated environmental, social, and governance (“ESG”) research. Boston Trust Walden equity portfolios are constructed to provide diversified exposure to reasonably valued stocks of higher quality companies with sustainable business models. We believe ESG factors influence corporate financial performance and are therefore an appropriate element of a comprehensive analysis of long-term investment prospects.

Our strategies’ performance over full market cycles reflect the value of our approach to investing: participating in rising markets and protecting in falling markets.

We work with institutional investors seeking a partner to manage the entirety of their assets, and with institutional consultants and advisers seeking an investment manager to manage a segment of their client’s overall portfolio.


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Quality is both an absolute standard and a set of relative considerations with dynamic characteristics.

Our Proprietary Strategies

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Multi-Asset and Balanced

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US Large Cap Core Equity

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US Large Cap Value Equity

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International Developed Equity

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US Mid Cap Core Equity

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US SMID Cap Core Equity

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US Small Cap Core Equity

How to Invest

Investors can invest in our strategies through separately managed accounts, proprietary mutual funds, and collective investment trusts (CITs). Separately managed accounts can be customized to suit individual client objectives, including environmental and social screens, mission-related guidelines, and other considerations. Investment minimums vary by strategy and investment vehicle.

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