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A key organizational goal at Boston Trust Walden is to foster a workplace culture where all employees feel welcome, supported, and part of the team. To further this objective, the firm’s “BTW Together” program facilitates the opportunity for departments to connect with one another outside the office. Experiences have included sailing in Boston Harbor, navigating an escape room, and enjoying a shared meal. Regardless of the activity, the outcome has been consistent: a fun experience with colleagues where we strengthen our connection and build community.

One Boston Trust Walden team opted to volunteer at the Greater Boston Food Bank (GBFB). GBFB’s mission is to end hunger across Eastern Massachusetts by providing its neighbors the healthy food and resources they need to thrive. Thanks to its well-run organization and donations of time, money, and food, last year GBFB was able to distribute over 117 million pounds of food to those in need (see map here).

One summer afternoon, our team made its way from our office building in Beacon Hill over to GBFB’s headquarters in South Boston. We were immediately impressed by the expansive and well-organized facility. It was apparent from the start that the people who work and volunteer at GBFB are passionate about helping their neighbors. We were welcomed with a short video that walked us through GBFB’s mission and partnership with other organizations. We were saddened to learn that one in three individuals in greater Boston is uncertain where their next meal will come from – and this statistic is progressively getting worse. This only energized us to contribute to this important cause.

We headed to GBFB’s impressive warehouse where hundreds of flat cardboard boxes and food items lay waiting for us. Our job for the day was to pack family meal boxes. Each box contained 30 pounds of healthy, shelf stable food to feed a family three meals a day.

In the span of 2.5 hours, we packed 360 boxes (10 pallets worth!) containing 10,800 pounds of food, making 9,000 meals possible for families in need. The music was pumping, the fans were blasting, and the assembly line was rolling! Because we worked quickly, we had time to prep the warehouse for the next shift of volunteers that would arrive the following morning. In typical GBFB fashion, nothing was wasted. In fact, the used banana boxes that we thought were headed for the recycling bin were repurposed as meat storage containers.

When we were finished, we were tired and sore but elated and grateful. The day was a good reminder of what our team could accomplish together in service of others.

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We are an independent, employee-owned firm providing investment management services to institutional investors and private wealth clients.

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